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I have suffered from chronic pain for more than one year due to a car accident. Although I have worked with many talented professionals, I was only able to keep the pain in a managed state. Always being in pain effected so many aspects of my like.
I started to see Sherry spa team  who were highly recommended to me. From the first visit I was amazed at how much better I was feeling. each visit I am closer to becoming pain free and restore my total health as well. My quality of life has greatly improved and I feel better then I have in such a long time . It like a breath of fresh air, thanks a million Sherry Spa.

Huda Ahmed
Huda AhmedChemical Engineerhttp://

Upon arrival at Sherry Spa Group, I was impressed at the quality of the environment. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Had no wait time to see the specialist whom was very knowledgeable and effective. She was able to summarize my ailment issue and make me feel comfortable. Will be returning here for all future maintenance & refreshment and referring  my friends and family!

Lyla H.
Lyla H.Housewife

I like taking an hour out of my busy life to come to Sherry Spa Group and allow my body the gift of total relaxation & aliment. I have been coming here for several years and have my favorite therapists! Unlike other places,  therapists there give amazing quality, deep tissue massage EVERY time with smile always. I fell so good with massage therapy over here, my lungs get opened up and I feel that I can take in more fresh air every time I leave,  Go Try them you will never regret you did.

Mary J. Smith
Mary J. Smith


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